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Here is an excerpt of excursion possibilities in winter:

HochkarSki area Hochkar with new floodlight ski track

The largest and most copious snow district in the Lower Austrian alps invites for wintersport. Every day well prepared pistes of various grades of difficulties, hump pistes, deep snow and neve are here for the beginner and long loipe man. With a capacity of 14.000 persons per hour, lifts and cabel-cars take you from 1380 m to a height of 1800 m. The total of the downhillruns are 17.6 km.

> WWW: http://www.hochkar.at

PanoramaloipePanorama cross-country ski run Hochreith, floodlighted

At a see level height of 800-900 m, 7 farms on the high plateau Hochreith have formed a panorama cross-country ski run. In the beautiful area between Hochkar and Dürrenstein as well as the dreamful Winterlandscape, sun and snow safety and well prepared tracks are here for your enjoyment. Guided tours with various grades of difficulties will satisfy your expectation, be it a beginner or a profi. You van also take a winter walk, let the children enjoy the tobogganing and the wave-track or just pay a visit to a rest station.

> WWW: http://www.niederoesterreich.at/ablass

Ybbstaler SolebadYbbstaler Solebad

The Ybbstaler Solebad is a place of recreation for the whole family and, together with the treatment services a comprehensive range of health care and rehabilitation. Sole has prevailed in the past year as a remedy for many diseases and tested. Sole helps to relieve pain and assist the recovery process. Brine bath is bound to provide health and wellness. The basin landscape of Ybbstaler brine bath invites you to relax and linger. In addition, an attractive program of water aerobics and aqua courses will be offered for the visitors.

> WWW: http://www.ybbstaler-solebad.at
> WWW: http://www.emotion-life-center.at


Desire a Tobogganing party?
Now then lets have a go! Toboggans may be rented from the Tourismusbureau and the natural track is nearby.
Lots of enjouyment!

> WWW: http://www.goestling-hochkar.at

PferdeschlittenfahrtenGuided Snowshoe walks

On snow covered walking paths or in the open, the snowshoues afford a very good hold. More and more mountain walks are not only carried out with skins but with snowshoes.
A very refreshing experience also for the skiers.

> WWW: http://www.ybbstaler-alpen.at/schneeschuhwandern

Here is an excerpt of excursion possibilities in summer:

Die Erlebniswelt MendlingtalMendlingtal world of experience

Approx. 2 ½ km long, with information boards along its length, starts the Themenweg near the village pond at Lassing. The whole family can walk the way which takes you on a prepared path to the start of the groges of the mendlingstream. With safety features in mind the hanging foot bridges and numerous wooden bridges allow to travers the gorges. From the courtyard at the end of the walk one may walk back through the valley.

> WWW: http://www.erlebniswelt-mendlingtal.at

Hochkar im SommerHochkar

Also in summer the Hochkar is a desirable excursion destination. Enjoyable walks, perhaps with the chairlift to the lower summit, and in about 20 minutes walking the main summit is reached (1.808 m) what a wonderful voew. Here is also the statingpoint of the Alpine tour Hochkar - Dürrenstein - Ötscher.

> WWW: http://www.hochkar.at 


The Mostviertel, known also as “Austrians Fruitgarden” is one of the most beautiful hilly country south the Danube. Near the border to Styria there are steep peaks up to 2000m. 68 mountainbike routes from law to high level can be used. All together they are 1350m long and surmount 26000 m of altitude. You can find many routes for beginners and pros around Göstling. We will be pleased to help you planning a tour.

> WWW: http://www.mbike.at/mbike/mv

WasserlochklammWaterhole-Gorge Palfau

Within the area of Palfau is the biggest cave through which water flows-hence "waterhole". A climbing layout against the rocks with stable wooden stairs and bridges lead through a 900m long ravine. The fruitful climb conqueres a height difference of 300m. Water gushes from the cave and cont. Plunges over 5 spectacular waterfalls into the valley and joins the trubulent flowing Salza river.

> WWW: http://www.palfau.at
> WWW: http://www.wasserloch.at

Kartause GamingKartause Gaming

The former Kartause museum Maria Thron originates from a bequest of the duke Albrecht II. In the baroque-gothic church is the tomb of Albrecht II the Habsburg duke and his wife; as well as the former Cloister library, dating from the early 18th century.

> WWW: http://www.gaming.at

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